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Tacit knowledge of (higher level) hand labourers

May 2018's IFSSH ezine addresses hand labourers, late displacement in distal radius fractures, and more.

A Volunteer Story: The Power of Follow-Up
April 13, 2018

by Jeffrey A. Marchessault, MD - One of the inherent weaknesses of overseas medical volunteer trips is the lack of follow up – good or bad, of my operative cases. I have been volunteering one week a year to help a Haitian hospital in northern Milot. I learned the real value of feedback from a Haitian patient named Norvilmar.

Volunteer Highlight: John “Bull” Durham, MD
March 16, 2018

With great excitement, ASSH brings you Volunteer Highlights. Borne out of an idea from the Volunteer Services Committee, we seek to shine a spotlight on ASSH members who volunteer nationally or internationally, telling the story of their amazing work. For the inaugural issue, we bring to you Dr. John “Bull” Durham out of Flagstaff, Arizona.

The Hand and Neurology

February 2018's IFSSH ezine addresses advances in rehabilitative treatment, selected stories of Adrian Flatt, MD (1921-2017), a neurologist's perspective of the hand, and much more.

December 2017 Presidential Update
Updates from the December 2017 Council Meeting.
Council convened at the Central Office in Chicago for a series of meetings over December 7-9, during which they reviewed the financial well-being of the ASSH & AFSH, organized new education, research, and outreach initiatives, and deliberated on the future of hand surgery. 
Research Round-Up
November 2017's IFSSH ezine addresses non-operative hand fracture management, donor muscle choice for restoration of active elbow flexion in children with amyoplasia, pioneer profiles and more.
Remembering Dr. Adrian Flatt, 1921-2017
A message from Terry Light, MD, Past ASSH President

In this beautiful tribute, Dr. Terry Light gives due praise to the late giant of hand surgery. 

Advocacy at Work: The Withdrawal of CMS-6012-P
By Jeffrey A. Greenberg, MD, MS

Dr. Jeffrey A. Greenberg, Practice Division Director, discusses how CMS-6012-P would have negatively impacted the delivery of high quality care to hand surgery patients and how effective advocacy was in protecting the practice of hand and upper extremity surgery.

Volunteer Note: Annual Meeting International Attendance is Higher Than Ever
By ASSH President Ghazi Rayan, MD

ASSH President Dr. Ghazi Rayan comments on the importance of how high the international attendance rates are for the 72nd ASSH Annual Meeting, and how positively that reflects on the hand and upper extremity surgery community. 

Volunteer Note: New ASSH Publication
By Jonathan Isaacs, MD and Christopher Dy, MD, MPH

Dr. Isaacs and Dr. Dy announce the ASSH's newest publication, ASSH Surgical Anatomy: Nerve Reconstruction.

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