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This job board was constructed to help job seekers in the hand surgery community find new employment opportunities. Use the links below to guide you as you begin your job search. Please note: This is a service managed by Job Target. With any questions or issues, please contact Job Target's customer service by emailingĀ [email protected].

Job Seekers

  • Post an Anonymous Resume: Post your anonymous resume for free and let employers submit opportunities to you. A great tool whether actively or passively seeking.
  • View Jobs: View the newest/freshest jobs available in the hand surgery field.
  • Personal Job Alert: Create a job alert, and new jobs that match your search will be emailed to you.
  • Create Job Seeker Account: Your job seeker account will let you store job openings, resumes, cover letters and more. Manage your job search online and with ease.
  • Access your Job Seeker Account: Login to your free account to manage your job search, update your resume, and more.

Employers / Recruiters

  • View the Resumes: View the resumesĀ and only pay for the ones that interest you. Browse the best professionals in the hand surgery community.
  • Post a Job: Reach the most qualified candidates by posting your opening with the ASSH Career Center.
  • Products/Pricing: No matter what your staffing needs or budget, we have a recruitment product for you.
  • Create Employer Account: Your employer account will let you manage your job postings, store candidates, contact candidates and more. Manage your recruiting online and with ease.
  • Access your Employer Account: Login to your free account to manage your candidate search, update your job posting, and more.