CME Mission statement and Disclaimer

The continuing medical education (CME) mission of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) is to advance the science and practice of hand and upper extremity surgery and reconstructive microsurgery through education.

ASSH’s CME Program is a strategic tool to continuously improve the quality of care for hand surgery patients. This will be done by addressing the members’ professional practice gaps and needs, and improving physician competence and performance in the skills necessary to provide optimal care to patients.

To facilitate the mission, the CME Program will:

  • Foster basic science, clinical, and outcomes-based education in hand and upper extremity
  • Enhance members’ practices by collaborating with other medical organizations to provide timely education on the changing regulatory and practice environment.
  • Partner with other organizations committed to supporting education for underserved populations in the US and around the world, and strengthen relationships with the international hand surgery community.
  • Plan educational activities that are evidence-based, fair and balanced, scientifically objective and free of commercial bias.

The expected results of the ASSH CME program are to:

  • Provide hand surgeons and other related health care professionals with educational activities that improve their current clinical knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to practice (competence).
  • Integrate research knowledge into clinical practice and to facilitate lifelong learning consistent with the high ethical standards inherent in the practice of medicine (performance).
  • Provide educational interventions that modify behavior and measure those educational outcomes consistently —We will ask/survey learners how and in what ways the educational activity helped them to implement appropriate and evidence-based patient care strategies.
  • Utilize skills-based courses to provide hands-on surgical skills that are judged proctorready (a form of skills-based CME).
  • Identify and overcome barriers to physician change by addressing those barriers in CME content and in the use of non-educational interventions (algorithms, patient education material that the physician can provide to patients, checklists, etc.) to support the attainment of educational goals.
  • Teach members about the implementation of health informatics and the use of health information in their practices to improve the health of their patients.
  • To measure the attainment of the expected results of the CME Program, ASSH will deploy a series of outcomes measurement options for every CME activity, including surveys and questionnaires, patient cases and vignettes with questions, selected learner interviews, follow-up performance questionnaires, and anecdotal learner self-reported observations of improvements in their patients’ outcomes.


The material presented in this continuing medical education program is being made available by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand for educational purposes only. This material is not intended to represent the best or only methods or procedures appropriate for the medical situation discussed; rather the material is intended to present an approach, view, statement or opinion of the authors or presenters, which may be helpful, or of interest to other practitioners. The attendees agree to participate in this medical education program, sponsored by ASSH with full knowledge and awareness that they waive any claim they may have against ASSH for reliance on any information presented in this educational program. In addition, the attendees also waive any claim they have against the ASSH for injury or other damage that may result in any way from their participation in this program. All of the proceedings of the 69th Annual Meeting, including the presentation of scientific papers, are intended for limited publication only, and all property rights in the material presented, including common-law copyright, are expressly reserved to the speaker or the ASSH. No statement or presentation made is to be regarded as dedicated to the public domain. Any sound reproduction, transcript or other use of the material presented at this course without the permission of the speaker or the ASSH is prohibited to the full extent of common-law copyright in such material. The ASSH is not responsible for expenses incurred by an individual who is not confirmed and for whom space is not available at the meeting. Costs incurred by the registrant such as airline or hotel fees or penalties are the responsibility of the registrant. The approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is required for procedures and drugs that are considered experimental. Instrumentation systems discussed and/or demonstrated in or at ASSH educational programs may not yet have received FDA approval.