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SORL Technique

By David Solomon, Michael R. Hausman, MD By David Solomon, Michael Hausman

Duration: 10:27
Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

By Michael Wheatley, MD By Michael Wheatley, MD

Duration: 8:03
EIP to EPL Transfer for Ruptured EPL

By Nader Paksima, DO, MPH By Nader Paksima, DO, MPH

Duration: 7:59
Microsurgery Training Video: A Step-wise Approach to Microanastomosis

By Grant Thomson, MD By Grant Thomson, MD

This video describes the technique for a microvascular anastomosis that can be performed in the lab. There is a step by step demonstration and tips for success. 

Duration: 23:03
Wide Awake Irreducible MP Dislocation

By Donald H. Lalonde, MD By Donald Lalonde

Duration: 9:01
Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation - Principles of Active Motion

By Donald H. Lalonde, MD By Donald Lalonde

This is a group of patients at different time points demonstrating principles.

Duration: 12:19
Wide Awake Flexor Tendon Repair

By Donald H. Lalonde, MD By Donald Lalonde

Duration: 12:51
Management of Pediatric Forearm Compartment Syndrome

This video demonstrates the approach to release compartment syndrome of the volar forearm following a closed reduction and percutaneous pinning of a supracondylar humeral fracture in a 7 year old female. It highlights the potential complications of closed reduction fracture management, including the entrapment of the median nerve and brachial artery in the fracture site.