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Research Mailing List Policy

All requests for permission to use ASSH member mailing labels or e-mail addresses must be accompanied by a sample of the proposed mailing and are subject to approval by the ASSH Central Office.  If permission to use ASSH member mailing labels is granted, the ASSH member information provided may be used solely to disseminate an exact copy of the sample submitted with the request.

Unless specifically stated otherwise in writing, permission to use ASSH member mailing labels does not constitute an endorsement, approval, recommendation, or certification of any information, product, process, service or organization presented or discussed in the mailing, and no reference should be made to imply such approval or endorsement.

Please Note the Following:

  •  Peel and stick labels with the mailing addresses of ASSH members are available on a rental basis for a one time use.  Labels, and the information contained thereon, shall not be copied, reused, sold, electronically reproduced, transferred into customer files, or used by any party other than the one submitting the request and for the specifically requested purpose.  The mailing label information provided may not be used to re-contact members on the mailing list or provide information to a third party to initiate such contact.
  • All label counts provided are approximate and subject to change at any time.  The ASSH shall not be responsible for shortages or overruns of materials based on estimates.
  • All label orders are subject to a no-return policy.  No refunds or credits will be made after an order has been processed.
  • All orders must be approved prior to fulfillment.
  • Orders will be processed in 5 business days following approval and receipt of payment.
  • Labels are sent FedEx – 2 day.

Electronic Mailing List Policy:

  • Requests for a copy of ASSH member e-mail addresses shall be submitted in writing to the Chair of the ASSH Website Committee.  Such requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and authorized at the discretion of the Chair.
  • Only ASSH members may request ASSH member e-mail addresses, and only requests to use the list for research purposes will be considered.
  • If approved the ASSH Member e-mail information may be used a maximum of three times – the initial survey email, one follow-up request, and a follow up with the results of the survey (if applicable).


The cost of the mailing list when used for research purposes is as follows:

    1-200 names: $100.00 ($20.50 shipping and handling fee for peel and stick labels)
    201+ names - complete list:  $150.00 ​​($20.50 shipping and handling fee for peel and stick labels)

Unauthorized usage of ASSH Mailing List information:

In addition to any and all other remedies available to ASSH, each unauthorized use of the ASSH Mailing List shall result in a $1200.00 charge. Further, ASSH reserves the right to refuse any future request for use of the ASSH Mailing List from any organization or individual who has violated the ASSH Mailing List Policy.

Required to Order

  • Completed request form and signed policy agreement and written request
  • Sample of the mailing
  • Sample of the cover message
  • Payment - If payment is sent via check, order will not be fulfilled until payment has been processed.

Questions can be directed to Becca Daly at bdaly@assh.org or (312) 880-1900.

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