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This month's picks come from section editor Ryan P. Calfee, MD, MSc, from Washington University School of Medicine of St. Louis, MO. 

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Interossei Transfers for Partial and Total Hand Amputees: The Starfish Procedure

By R. Glenn Gaston, MD By R. Glenn Gaston

Rationale and technique of the Starfish Procedure to achieve individual control of myoelectric fingers

Duration: 5:50
Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation - Principles of Active Motion

By Donald H. Lalonde, MD By Donald Lalonde

This is a group of patients at different time points demonstrating principles.

Duration: 12:19
Wide Awake Flexor Tendon Repair

By Donald H. Lalonde, MD By Donald Lalonde

Duration: 12:44
Salvaging the Mutilated Hand: Thinking Beyond Step One

By Bauback Safa, MD, MBA By Bauback Safa

This presentation emphasizes the importance of planning multi-stage reconstructions for complex hand injuries by working backwards from the end reconstructive goal and not burning any bridges along the way.

Duration: 22:53