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This month's picks come from section editor John L. Tueting, MD, from RUSH Castle Orthopedics of Naperville, IL. 

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Strategies for Dealing With The Difficult Situation Or The Challenging Patient

By David C. Ring, MD, PhD By David Ring

discussess how to communicate effectively with patients

Duration: 7:42
Common Stresses and Coping Mechanisms

By Terry R. Light, MD By Terry Light

Excellent overview of common stresses in hand surgery and coping mechanisms. Stresses - Debt, more work than you can do, call, Boards, family does not understand. Coping mechanisms - slow down, do less, priorities, develop a plan, sleep (7 hours is optimal), prioritize family, be nice, enjoy the ride.

Duration: 18:54
State-of-the-Art Hand Fellow Education - My 35 years of experience

By A. Lee Osterman, MD By A. Lee Osterman

Overview of Dr Osterman's reflections on teaching after 35 years of teaching. Learned many different things from different mentors. Deliberate practice is important but medicine is a changing field so not as important as in music. Emphasis on collaboration. Have a sense of humor. Be comforting. "The secret of the care of patients is in the caring for the patient."

Duration: 24:03