Giving Gloves

The Giving Gloves program stems from an ASSH Young Leaders group in 2015. Their vision was to create a program that allowed hand surgeons and others to volunteer locally by collecting gloves and mittens for those in need.

Please join us!  By setting up a donation bin in your clinic, you will benefit by raising awareness of hand surgery and your practice in the local community while also serving those in need.  It’s a unique opportunity to participate in an ASSH program that will bring good will to your own home town.   

Participants will:

    • Set up a donation bin in their office/hospital or other desired location
    • Reach out to family, friends, colleagues, patients, etc. to gather donated gloves
    • Partner with a local charity to distribute the donated gloves to the community

Each participant has the opportunity to run his or her own program.

Participant Kit

Here are helpful materials to begin your Giving Gloves Program:

Contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for giving back to your community!