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Touching Hands Project

Read the latest updates from the Touching Hands volunteers as they travel to Haiti.

About THP

Through the work of the Touching Hands Project (THP), a new clinical outreach program, hand surgeons will have a way to serve in short term "missions" to under served communities.

This new initiative will enable more members to give back to the community and deliver very positive return to both the Foundation and the Society.

Giving to Outreach and the Touching Hands Project gives each ASSH member another option for their donations and philanthropic efforts.   All donations will count toward giving circles and other benefits of the AFSH 25th Anniversary campaign.

Fundraising to support the mission of Touching Hands Project will allow ASSH members who may have different interests from the past goal-driven Foundation efforts to become energized and involved in new ways; members can give to the ASSH/AFSH at the perfect time, as we embark on the 25th Anniversary campaign.

Get involved today.

THP Resources

Other Volunteer Resources

Book & Equipment Donations

If you are interested in donating books or equipment, we recommend contacting these organizations for details.

Direct Relief International coordinates equipment donations from institutions and manufacturers for use overseas.

Health Volunteers Overseas coordinates book donations. You must contact HVO for shipping instructions. Email:

Volunteer Service Kit

The ASSH Volunteer Service Committee, in conjunction with American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) member editors and Spanish translators, have produced a two-disk set for hand surgeons who are volunteering overseas.  One disk contains edited PowerPoint slides on general hand surgery and hand care in English.  The second disk contains the Spanish translation of the ASSH's Crucial Elements in Hand Surgery DVD. See the ASSH Bookstore for a product description of Crucial Elements in Hand Surgery.  Additionally, a limited number of new copies of the 1990 reprinted The Hand: Examination and Diagnosis (The Blue Book) are available.

Who's eligible to receive the Kit?

Both CDs and the Blue Book are available free to surgeons when the following two criteria are met:

  1. The surgeon reviews and agrees to the license agreements. Any violation of the agreements can result in revocation of the licenses to use the content.  You will also receive a paper copy of these agreements with your CDs.
  2. The surgeon produces written confirmation of his/her upcoming overseas volunteer trip for hand surgery services.  A date must be provided.  An email from the volunteer organization with a specified date is acceptable.
I am eligible for the Kit and have read through the license agreements. How do I order?

Please contact Olivia Moran at the ASSH Central Office via email ( or phone (312) 880-1900. Indicate which items you want for your trip.  You will be asked to provide written confirmation of your upcoming trip (i.e., from the organization such as Health Volunteers Overseas or Resurge International, or from the site itself).  Note: These CDs or books are not available for purchase through the ASSH Bookstore.

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