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Hand-e Editorial Board

Warren Hammert, MD
Hand-e Editor

Hand-e Advisory Group

Ed Akelman, MD
Michael Hausman, MD
Fraser Leversedge, MD
Sidney Jacoby, MD

Editorial Board Members


Basic Science
Rowena McBeath, MD

Clinical Trials/ Outcomes
Ryan Calfee, MD, MSc

Practice/ Policy

Policy and Media (tort reform, ACA, reimbursement issues)
Steven McCollam, MD

Technology and social media (emerging tech, EMR, Online reviews)
Desirae McKee, MD

Practice Management  (coding, billing, malpractice, insurance, surgery centers) 
Jonathan Tueting, MD

International – getting involved with ASSH, linking to hand societies in other countries
Gillian D. Smith, MD

Education/ clinical

General Principles – anesthesia, physical exam, anatomy
Adam B. Shafritz, MD

Trauma –fractures, dislocations, ligament injuries, instabilities
Thomas B.Hughes, MD
R. Glenn Gaston, MD

Degenerative or posttraumatic reconstruction (arthritis, malunions, nonunions)
Louis Catalano, MD

Nerve – Brachia plexus, nerve injuries – repair or reconstruction, nerve transfers, compression neuropathies
Ida Fox, MD
Jonathon Isaacs, MD

Central Nervous System – CP, TBI, Stroke, spinal cord injury
Allan Peljovich, MD

Tendon – trauma, tendionopathies
Steve K. Lee, MD

Bryan Loeffler, MD

Pediatrics – congenital, traumatic

Kevin Little, MD 

Soft tissue – microsurgery, flaps, grafts, transplantation
Jamie T. Shores, MD

Tumor – benign and malignant soft tissue and bone tumors
Sanjeev Kakar, MD

Other – diseases and disorders, RA, Vascular, infections (osteomyelitis), Dupuytren’s
Joshua Abzug, MD

Therapy/ Rehab
Rebecca von der Heyde, PhD, OTR/L, CHT


Randip R. Bindra, MD

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