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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Browser Compatibility

Hand-e Videos are best viewed...

Mac Users: in your Safari browser.  Mozilla Firefox is not recommended for viewing videos. 

Windows Users: in the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.  Internet Explorer is not recommended for viewing videos.

General Information

Where does Hand-e content come from? 
Hand-e content includes: recorded lectures and labs from ASSH courses and the Annual Meeting, ASSH newsletters, webinars, ASSH publications and professionals.
Is Hand-e content peer-reviewed?
Yes, the Hand-e editorial team reviews all content prior to posting. View the listing of the Hand-e editorial board.

Can I earn CME from Hand-e Content?

Yes, for a listing of on-demand CME programs, check here.


Who can access Hand-e content?
All ASSH Members have Hand-e access as a member benefit. 

Non-ASSH members may subscribe for one year of complete access, which is renewable. If you are a non-member interested in a subscription, email us at feedback@assh.org.

Can I view Hand-e content without an internet connection?
No, Hand-e videos are available via streaming service. You may download pdf files to your personal files for future reference. 

How can I save videos for later? 
You can add any item with a + symbol to your “My Library” view.  

How can I save newsletter articles for later?
You can add any item with a + symbol to your “My Library” view.  

Submit Your Video to Hand-e

ASSH accepts submissions of surgical technique videos which would be of value and benefit to our members for Hand-e (http://hand-e.assh.org). 
All submissions are reviewed by the Hand-e editorial team prior to posting.  Each submission must be accompanied by both of the following:   

Technical Information 

What kinds of files can I submit to Hand-e?
Videos: mp4
Images: jpg, png
Documents: pdf
Your files must be submitted in these formats in order to be reviewed by the Hand-e editorial team.  No other file types will be reviewed for acceptance.

How do I download videos from Hand-e?
Hand-e videos are streaming-only.  You can save videos to My Library by clicking on the + symbol. 

Does ASSH edit videos or content after it is submitted? 
No, ASSH only accepts final submissions.  If any revisions are requested by the review editors, the content creator should revise and submit a new version of the file. 

Legal Information

You must be the owner of a video, image or file you submit to Hand-e.  
Content creators retain full rights to their content and a Hand-e Contributor Release form is required for each submission (Download the file
Content creators are identified with each video, image and file found in Hand-e.

Conflict of Interest
Submissions must include any relevant conflict of interest information on the Hand-e Contributor Release form. (Download the file

What are the HIPPA requirements that apply to submitting and viewing Hand-e content?

Resources that do not contain identifiable patient information can be distributed. If a patient can be identified from any information presented, you must receive permission from the patient to post this information. Complete information about HIPPA requirements is available here: http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/summary/ 

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