Volunteer Note: Comprehensive Review Course

April 4, 2019

David J. Bozentka, MD


This year's Comprehensive Review Course is sure to provide you with indispensable instruction that will improve your practice and sharpen your knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and pathology. The course will be beneficial for the practitioner looking to brush up on current concepts of hand surgery, in addition to preparing for the hand surgery subspecialty certification and recertification exams. The first day's sessions will address hand/wrist fractures, hand/wrist soft tissue trauma, arthritis, and microvascular topics. On the second day, we'll cover an array of soft tissue, nerve and tendon conditions, and niche topics like compartment syndrome, statistics and more. The third day will span from pediatrics to tumors.

Our faculty this year is top-notch, all of whom were chosen because of their expertise and important contributions to the subject matter on which they are presenting. A significant benefit for the attendee is the opportunity for an open discussion with these experts who can clarify controversies with many of the complex topics. For those less inclined to stand up to the microphone, participants can anonymously query each panel member by sending questions through the course mobile app. Please join your colleagues and me over July 12-14 in downtown Chicago for an invaluable educational session!